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Got a meeting there and a family event here? Want to play a round of golf there? But be home for dinner here? Walter Aviation private charter operates throughout the Midwest and beyond to make sure you’re always in the right place at the right time. (And it’s more affordable than you may think!)

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We’ll knock your socks off, but you can keep your shoes on.

We’re an FAA Part 135 certified private air charter operator. That means you can fly to or from any airport in the US, Canada and beyond. And because it’s private charter, you skip the check-in counter, avoid security lines and never miss another connection—or important event—again.

FAA Certificate #: 1WRA477N

Every flight offers:

Customizable reading material

Free concierge service

Customizable beverage and snack basket

Be home in time to sleep in your own bed.

More time to be productive.
For far less cost than you think.

Time spent waiting in line is time wasted. No company can afford to waste time. Private charter helps you make the most of your workday.

A 2009 study revealed that company individuals who engage in work-related tasks while aboard a private aircraft had a

20% increase

in productivity*

From here to there. No matter where here or there may be.

Walter Aviation flies to more than 5000 destinations. So, whether you’re embarking at Bismark or arriving in Atlanta, we can get you where you’re going—safely and efficiently.

Popular Destinations

Colorado Springs



Sioux Falls

Popular Departures

Des Moines

Cedar Rapids


Fort Dodge

“The time savings and ability to reach my customers is worth every penny.”

-- Scott Voigt (President - TurnKey Associates)

Be home in time for the big game.

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